United Mising Baptist Church

United Mising Baptist Church
     United Mising Baptist Church (Association) which was formed in the year of 1998 with the motto of bringing together each individual Baptist church in Dhemaji District of Assam to have a Christian fellowship specially within Mising Christian Baptist churches. Since one church was unaware of another church within the same locality. This association is inclusively operating in the said district and doing great job for the Lord.
     The mission compound of this association is located at Luitpur, near Silapathar town.  The association has 32 member churches with 1800 baptized and 200 associate members. There are 4 different departments in this association which are serving the Lord for the betterment of Mising community. This association is headed by president, vice president, executive secretary, treasurer, and executive members.
Contact Address:

Mr. Jiten Pegu, President
Mr. Ruhini Pegu, Executive Secretary

United Mising Baptist Church
Luitpur, P.O.Silapathar,
Dist: Dhemaji, Assam 787059
+91  9954 979413

Row1: L to R- KK Kutum; Moneswar Doley, Ex. ES; Ronuj Kr. Pegu, Ex. President; Najuwala Pait, Treasurer, WUMC.

Jubilee Souvenir Board

Row1: L to R- KK Kutum, advisor; Moneswar Doley, Ex. ES; Ronuj kr. Pegu, Ex. President; Najuwala Pait, Treasurer WUMBC.

Row2: L to R- Ruhini Pegu, ES; Lalchuama Sailo, advisor, Ainul Taid, Vice-President; Gamuk Kutum, Chief Editor.